Corporations and employees are realizing the benefits of mindfulness as a way to not only support overall well-being, but improve cognitive function, dramatically lower stress levels and catalyze breakthrough thinking. From leadership workshops to company wide online learning programs, mindfulness in the workplace is quickly becoming the answer to many cultural norms that ail us.

Mindfulness in the workplace is critical to having a healthy, productive, and focused team. That’s why we’ve created a customized mindfulness curriculum for corporations to teach their employees simple mindfulness practices that will help communication, decision-making, and foster creativity. Combining the scaleable power of eLearning, live online coaching, and hands on in-person workshops into one cohesive program makes for the sustainable path toward a more mindful company.

Investing in your employees with the right tools and ecosystem for them to be less stressed, attentive, and clear on present goals and objectives comes out to as little as $2 per employee per week – less than a cup of coffee.



A daily mindfulness practice will lower anxiety, overall burnout, help the brain stay focused and engaged, increase productivity, and the overall brain’s performance to create a generally more happy healthy person.

As a team, mindfulness helps team members relate to each other, create clear communication channels, and align personal goals with the company’s bigger vision.

Using our industry leading Mindful Living 360 methodology, we will create a Mindfulness fundamentals program that will be supplemented by Live coaching and access to our large library of on-demand videos with mindfulness tips, techniques, and everyday life situations. Moreover, you’ll have a daily/weekly mobile tracker to let employees log their progress. It’s the 360 degree way for you to have the support and tools to easily learn mindfulness techniques as an individual or team.


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Shuana Shapiro
"It's about training our minds to be more focused, to see with clarity, to have spaciousness for creativity and to feel connected"
- Janice Marturano, General Mills deputy general counsel